Sometimes life likes to throw a bunch of curve balls all at once then you get stuck as an unlucky freak like myself.  A myomectomy earlier this year revealed endometriosis and later visits to the doc concluded interstitial cystitis (don’t ask me how to say that).  Of course, the only treatment for endo is either birth control or surgery.  Well, I’m so done with surgery and birth control triggers my asthma so I’m pretty screwed there.  For the IC, my insurance company refuses to cover further testing and treatment, so I’m doubly screwed.  Bummer… so the only thing I am left with is a complete change in diet.  I’ve never been one for cooking and each diet for each thing is completely different so I have to find some sort of happy medium.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find a website or any information on how to counteract the two together.  In response to that, I’m doing this.  Any recipe that is not my own will have a link to where I found it but the majority of these will be my own, created based on the various dietary restrictions that have been forced upon me.  Of course, I recommend a glass of wine with each meal.  You know that saying about having a glass of wine with dinner and sometimes I put it in the food.  Screw the food, I’m drinking it all!


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