Creamy Basil Chicken with Tomatoes

IMG_2984There’s a lot of different ways to make cream sauce and this is just one that I enjoy.  Using ingredients I have around the house, I mix up my base sauce and create some fun stuff!  I happened to have some fresh basil and tomatoes that went perfect with this dish.


2 chicken breasts

1/4 cup fresh basil – chopped

4 or 5 fresh baby tomatoes – quartered

1/2 cup cream cheese

1/2 cup sour cream

1/8 cup chicken broth

pepper – to taste

olive oil


In a large skillet, heat your olive oil and cook the chicken for about 4 minutes on each side, or until mostly cooked through.  Add the cream cheese and sour cream and allow to melt and combine.  Then add the chicken broth and stir.  Allow to simmer just slightly to and add some pepper and the tomatoes.  Put the basil in the mixture and allow to simmer 1 minute, stirring.  Serve!  Try a nice zinfandel with this dish.


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