Catfish Tacos

IMG_2766I love tacos!  These are quick and easy and light, done with catfish filets!


catfish filets – I used 2

1/4 red onion – chopped

1 green onion – chopped

pepper – to taste

olive oil

Toppings – as desired – I used pepperjack cheese and cilantro with sour cream!

Taco shells – gluten-free of course!


In a large skillet heat a little bit of olive oil.  Start with the red onions so they can caramelize.  Lightly saute them in the olive oil for about two minutes with a little sprinkle of pepper, if desired.  Add the catfish filets and green onions.  Cook until the catfish flakes easily with a fork.  Flake completely to mix with the veggies.  This should take about two to four minutes depending on the size of your filets, longer if you have large filets.

Heap into your tortilla shells and top with your desired toppings!  I’m eating mine with a bottle of Nero d’Avalo!  Nice!



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