Scallops and Quinoa

IMG_2562Scallops are a lot easier than one might think!  It’s all about timing.  If you time them carefully you will never go wrong!




1 Shallots – chopped

1 tbs Butter

Garlic – chopped

Olive oil


Prepare your quinoa according to the packaging however add the garlic and shallots to the pot immediately and let them cook together.  Make sure they are stirred in, not sitting on the top. Just prior to serving mix in the butter.

For the scallops – heat a little olive oil in a skillet. Make sure you swirl to coat the pan so each scallop had olive oil beneath then they won’t stick.  Not a heck of a lot – just enough for a light coating.  Place the scallops gently in the pan one by one.  With the heat on medium, allow them to cook for 1 minute then flip them immediately.  Cook them for 1 minute on the other side then remove to a paper towel to remove any excess olive oil.  I’ve found this is the absolute best way to cook scallops and they never let me down!

Top the quinoa with the scallops are serve with a nice white wine!


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