Gluten-free Pasta with Olive Oil and Hot Dogs

IMG_2254This was a simple and easy recipe for a quick dinner.  We had some hot dogs left over so I cooked those up and added them into the pasta for a little protein.


Pasta – gluten-free spaghetti was what I used

3 chopped baby broccoli (or regular broccoli works too)

2 hot dogs – cooked and cut up

3 cloves garlic – chopped

4 tbs olive oil


Cook the hot dogs and pasta according to the packaging.

In a skillet, saute the garlic in 1 tbs of olive oil until fragrant – 1 minute.  Then add the baby broccoli.  Saute another 3 minutes, or until the broccoli is getting softer.  Add a little more olive oil, if necessary.  In the skillet, toss the pasta and hot dogs, adding the remaining olive oil.  Toss to coat and allow to cook until the olive oil is nice and warm.  Shouldn’t take more than a minute or two to warm up the olive oil.

That’s it!  Open up a bottle of a nice Italian red wine to go with it!  Find one with the pink label at the top, around the cork. That’s how I pick them!


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