Endive, Orange and Feta Bites

IMG_2088These are fun little bite sized salads to serve as an appetizer or on a finger-food buffet table for a party.  I unfortunately couldn’t find Clementines, though they are everywhere I look now, so used Fall Oranges, but use Clems, they are way better!  Endive is sometimes hard to find small too, but a specialty market usually has them hiding in a corner somewhere.


2 to 3 Endives – cut the bottoms off and remove the individual leaves.  The smaller the endive, the less leaves, so base how many you use on how many guests you will have.  You may want to buy a few more if you are having a big party.

2 to 3 Clementine oranges – peeled and cut into small pieces

1/4 cup Feta cheese

chopped dill – fresh or dried – enough to sprinkle a bit on each leaf

pepper – to taste


Easy peasy.  Remove the leaves from the Endives.  Chop up the oranges into little pieces.  Fill each leaf with oranges then top with a bit of feta and a sprinkling of dill. For a little extra kick, sprinkle a little pepper on top!  Done!


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