Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

IMG_2067So I got this bread machine thing and I’ve been making bread without posting recipes then I realized that I modify damned near every bread recipe I made so thought others might appreciate my experiments.  Since I can’t do rice or potato, most gluten-free bread recipes have to be modified specifically for me.  I started with this recipe as a base – – and created a bread that would work!


1 cup gluten-free Tapioca flour

1 cup gluten-free Almond Meal flour

1 cup gluten-free Oat flour

4 tbs sugar

4 tbs baking powder

2 tbs xantham gum

2 tbs bread yeast

1 1/2 cup warm water

1/4 cup olive oil

2 tbs vinegar

2 eggs


In a large bowl, combine all dry ingredients, except yeast, and mix together until well combined.

In your bread machine’s bowl, put water, olive oil, eggs and vinegar.  I do not stir the wet ingredients and leave that to the bread maker.  On top of the wet ingredients, carefully place the dry ingredients.  I use a spoon and do it one spoonful at a time, covering all the wet stuff with the dry.  Then, make a small indent in the dry ingredients with your finger, and place the yeast in that hole, making sure not to go deep enough into the wet stuff.

For my bread maker, I used the sandwich setting – which is a 3 hour process. I also used the medium crust setting.  I did not have to scrape or anything during the baking to keep it from sticking.  Your bread maker might have a gluten-free setting, and while I’m not all that familiar with bread makers other than my own, I believe it might work if you use the gluten-free setting!

This created a moist, light bread with a tasty flavor.  I actually am using it to make stuffing for Thanksgiving so it is chopped up and in brown paper bags to dry out!  If you find the bread is too moist for your tastes, try using a little less water until you get it to the consistency you like.


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