Red Miso Deviled Eggs

IMG_2019Here’s another one for you, made especially for Halloween, my favorite time of year.  These eggies are a half and half creation only because miso is powerful stuff and the red miso sauce I use can be overwhelming for most people I know.  I made half the yolk with a regular deviled egg recipe and half with miso added.  You can kinda see the yellow under the orange-ish.  Topped with a single caper and these will stare at you all day…at least, until you eat them…perfect for a Halloween set up.


eggs (again, the receipt is for 6 so double for a dozen or whatever)

2 tbs mustard

1 tbs mayo

1 tbs vinegar

2 tbs red miso (I use a miso sauce that comes in a bottle, like ketchup, that you can get at any grocery store instead of straight red miso)



Again, I’m a lazy human so here’s my prep for hardboiling eggs copied from an earlier post.

First, hard boil the eggs!  I cover them in water in a large sauce pan and boil for 15 minutes. The yolks are still bright yellow but cooked all the way through. Let the eggs cool a bit before peeling.  Peel the eggs and half them, removing the yolk and placing it in a bowl.  Set the halved egg whites aside to fill later.

In one bowl, mix the yolks, mustard, mayo and vinegar.  Take half that and put it in another bowl and mix it with the miso.  If you like miso, just mix everything together and add another couple tbs of miso to it so it’s smooth and tasty.

Then fill the egg halves with the yellow yolk mix, half full, then top them with the miso, or just fill them with the miso mix.  Top each with a caper for some fun.  You can, of course, leave off the capers, as they are pretty potent themselves.

For those of you that can’t do soy, but still want some eggs that look you in the eye, just try adding a little food coloring.  I just wanted to make something easy and fun for Halloween, but I have more spooky recipes to come so be on the lookout!

Also, be on the lookout for this little guy.IMG_2021He’s creepy and has been hanging around my house…


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