Ginger Chicken Tacos

IMG_2013I promised more tacos and here’s another one!  I hadn’t planned on making tacos and was going to make Asian chicken but the hubby wanted tacos so I incorporated the two. This was a traditional taco with a sweet tang to it from the ginger.


chicken – I estimate 1 breast per person and that makes about 3 tacos each – sliced into bite sized pieces

small yellow onion – sliced

3 tbs ginger per chicken breast – paste or fresh

for a little spice add 1/8 cup chopped jalapenos

taco shells – as I’ve said, 3 per person works great for me and the hubby and make sure you get the ones that specifically say gluten-free

dash of soy sauce – about a tbs

enough corn oil or olive oil to fill the bottom of a small skillet for cooking your tortillas – my small skillet takes about a 1/4 cup to cook 6 tortillas


Simple!  Combine all ingredients in a skillet until your chicken is cooked through.  Cooking everything together lets your chicken absorb the great flavors of the onions, ginger and jalapenos, if you choose to go spicy.

To make tortillas, here’s the info from my previous taco post!  Heat a small skillet with your oil in it.  To test it, you can observe for wisps of smoke or, as I do, dip the edge of a tortilla into the oil.  If it bubbles, it’s ready.  It usually takes a minute on high heat for my stove to get the oil hot enough to fry the tortillas.  Now, depending on how you like your tortillas will give you the amount of time to leave them in for.  I like mine a little crunchy on the edges but still soft and flimsy.  This requires about 20 seconds on each side.  For even more crunchy tortillas, try 40 seconds to a full minute.  Cover to keep warm.

That’s it!  A quick, flavorful and easy meal, tacos are always something you can whip up when you can’t decide what to make.  And who says you can’t make a variation on tacos?!  I’ve had a bottle of wine while typing this so hopefully it makes as much sense now as it does when you are reading this… just kidding, I only drank half the bottle!


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