Gluten-free Chicken Tacos

IMG_2009I make tacos a lot, even though tortillas are on the list of things I’m not supposed to eat. Tortillas don’t seem to aggravate my various diseases so I think I’m okay. And I love it when I find a tortilla package that specifically says they are gluten-free.  Not all companies put this on their label, which makes me wonder if they are made in a plant that packages wheat products too.  Some will let you know that, while I can’t find the info on some packages anywhere. I thought they were supposed to label them as such but who knows…anyway, my hubby bought La Banderita tortillas, which clearly have gluten-free written on the package!  Yay!  Chicken tacos can have a lot of flavor when you pair them up with great produce!


2 chicken breasts (made enough for 3 well-stuffed tacos each for 2 people)

6 La Banderita tortilla shells

1 Anaheim chili – roasted and sliced thin

8 oz can of kernel corn

1/2 small white onion – sliced thin

pepper – to taste

enough corn oil or olive oil to fill the bottom of a small skillet for cooking your tortillas – my small skillet takes about a 1/4 cup to cook 6 tortillas


Start by placing your chili in the bottom of a hot, dry skillet.  Let it roast until the skin blackens and the chili is soft.  If your chili is flat on its sides, this can take only 2 or 3 minutes on high heat.  If your chili is more rounded, try slicing it in half and roasting each side, skin side down, for about 5 minutes.  If you want, you can also slice the chili thinly and roast the individual slices, skin side down, to achieve the same effect.  You’ll be slicing it anyway after roasting it so whatever works best for you!  Roasting the chili brings out its fantastic flavor!

Once your chili is roasted, slice it thin or simply add your onions if you’ve already sliced it to cook it.  Let the onions and peppers cook for about 2 minutes, or until the onion is soft.  Add the corn and the chicken at the same time and add a little pepper, if you prefer.  You can slice your chicken out of the pan into strips, if you want. I let mine cook a couple of minutes on each side before slicing, but I have Teflon hands and can stand the heat of the pan.  Stir the ingredients together as they cook so the chicken absorbs the flavor of the onions and chili, and so the corn doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.

As the chicken and veggies cook up, heat a small skillet with your oil in it.  To test it, you can observe for wisps of smoke or, as I do, dip the edge of a tortilla into the oil.  If it bubbles, it’s ready.  It usually takes a minute on high heat for my stove to get the oil hot enough to fry the tortillas.  Now, depending on how you like your tortillas will give you the amount of time to leave them in for.  I like mine a little crunchy on the edges but still soft and flimsy.  This requires about 20 seconds on each side.  For even more crunchy tortillas, try 40 seconds to a full minute.  Just watch so they don’t get burned!  I use a fork to flip my tortillas – my hubby prefers tongs.  Make sure you place your tortillas gently in the hot oil to avoid splashes.  I freak out whenever I see someone just toss a tortilla haphazardly into hot oil.  Pat the tortillas with paper towels to remove the excess oil and keeping them covered will keep them warm.

Then just add your chicken and veggies evenly to your tortilla!  I did use sour cream and some pepper jack cheese with mine.  Jalapenos would also be a good touch as well as tomatoes.  I love to try different types of tacos and will be posting some more variations soon!


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