Fried Catfish

IMG_1968Catfish seems to be such a versatile fish but I like it best breaded and fried.  I made mine at a medium level of spice with a nifty black salt I found at the Farmer’s Market.  A pack of frozen veggies hiding in the freezer made for an easy side dish. I’m not one for frozen foods much anymore but since it’s time to go shopping, the fridge was a little bare!


Catfish fillets

1/4 cup gluten free oat flour (this is enough for 2 large fillets)

1 tbs cayenne pepper

pinch of black salt (or some other sort of sea salt)

1 tsp basil (dried or fresh)

olive oil – enough to coat the bottom of your pan


On a plate, mix the flour, cayenne, salt and basil and dredge the fish, shaking off the excess.  Heat up some olive oil in a pan (make sure you fully coat the pan) and, over high heat, fry the fish about 4 minutes on each side.  Flip it carefully so it doesn’t fall apart or lose some of its coating.

That’s it!  All done!  Try a nice bottle of grenache with your catfish.  And if you’re interested in picking up some varying salts, try the Farmer’s Market here in Los Angeles at the Grove. There is a little shop there that is full of gourmet spices and salts, among other things.  Lots of fun to shop there!


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