Ginger Chicken and this Kaniwa stuff

IMG_1892Sometimes I just like to play with what I have at home, which is how this happened.  I had some fresh ginger lying around and some kaniwa – I know what you’re probably thinking; I spelled that wrong.  Nope.  I found this stuff that is a sibling or some sort of inbred cousin grain to quinoa.  It’s very small in size, sticks to everything when it’s dry, but tastes great!  Especially if you douse it in lemon juice.  I crusted my chicken with ginger and pepper then whipped up some kaniwa with veggies.  Kaniwa looks pretty odd, especially in this picture, but it’s delicious and healthy!  (Hint – you can buy it on Amazon.)  And yes, I need to work on my plating so my pictures are prettier.  This dish went pretty well with an inexpensive sweet red wine but I think a nice dry white would compliment it well too.


Chicken (of course)

ginger – chopped and about 2 tbs per chicken breast

pepper – to taste

1/2 cup kaniwa (or you can use quinoa or even rice works fine too)

1 juicy lemon

some broccoli – however much you like; I used about 7 to 10 small pieces

2 to 3 green onions

1 small tomato

fresh basil – 2 to 3 tbs

1 or 2 thin slices of white onion – chopped (red or sweet are good too – or no onion)

1 cup chicken or veggie broth (use 1 cup broth per 1/2 cup kaniwa, if you want to make extra)

Preparation – For the kaniwa (or rice or quinoa or whatever you decide to use – prep works pretty similar), bring a cup of chicken or veggie broth to a boil.  Make sure kaniwa is rinsed before adding it to the pot.  Reduce heat to a simmer and cover, cooking for 15 minutes (quinoa times may vary depending on the variety).

While the kaniwa cooks, chop up your ginger and use it and some pepper to coat the chicken.  If you like using those big ol’ breasts like me, I start cooking them right away for about 10 minutes on each side (4 to 5 if using thin breasts), otherwise I wait until the kaniwa is almost done.  Some folks I’ve found like their kaniwa cold too, so they cook it up beforehand and put it in the fridge.  I like it warm.

As stuff cooks up, chop up some veggies!  I really like the green onions, some basil, the broccoli and the white onions with this kaniwa stuff.  I’m sure there’s lots of other veggies that would taste great in it!  You can even add some cheese, which is yummy.  Once the kaniwa is done cooking up and all the broth is absorbed, add in your veggies and the juice from your lemon.  I juice the lemon in full because I love lemon flavor, but 2 to 3 tbs works pretty well if lemon-to-the-extreme isn’t your thing.  Stir it up and serve it next to your chicken.

Leftover kaniwa makes a great, cold lunch salad!  1/2 a cup makes plenty for two people so if you do a full cup, you’ll certainly have some extra.


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